We Connect Your Systems With Our Proprietary Data for Unmatched Performance

Consider all of the disparate elements working behind the scenes of your institution to deliver the student experience: SIS, LMS, CRM, social monitoring platforms, competitive intelligence software and many others.

We connect and streamline these systems and gauge performance against our proprietary benchmarks, including:

  • Millions of data points spanning click data, impressions, traffic, response rates and more
  • Comprehensive enrolment data linking activity to response to ROI
  • More than 26 years of higher education experience, lessons learned and best practices

The results of combining your systems and our proprietary benchmarks are data-backed decision-making and a competitive advantage that extends to each stage of the student journey.

During the Enrolment Process

  • Performance of all marketing, including the interaction of offline spending with online activity
  • Optimised marketing mix management via seamless interface of spend and enrolment results to improve ROI
  • At-a-glance reporting on volume and conversion
  • Easy mapping to identify recruiting hot spots and improve targeting
  • Better enrolment yields from customisable predictive metrics

Improving the Learning Experience

  • Comprehensive learning and student management environment
  • Increased engagement from personalised learning modules
  • Pedagogy-driven interface for maximum usability
  • Interactive content to better illustrate key course concepts
  • Tangible student life cycle portfolios with additional SEO benefits

Enhancing Student Outcomes

  • At-risk student tracking for more successful interventions
  • Intelligent forecasting from an evolving assessment of student risk factors
  • Stronger student support communities built on course objectives