Large, For-Profit University
Developing New PPI Strategies to Maximize Budget

The Story

Our PPI team faced a 40% budget cut for FY15 while the expectations of volume, quality and performance remained the same. We developed five strategies for testing, and of the five, we implemented a tiering structure to more easily control and maintain campaign performance.

About the Partner

This for-profit partner of more than two years offers culinary, fashion, media arts and design programs to more than 57,000 campus-based and 8,800 online students. The partner chose Keypath to manage its pay-per-inquiry (PPI) channel.


Tier one ran all of our campaigns; tier five ran a select few. Tiers two through four ran different subscriptions that we modified over time to meet monthly goals. In adopting the tiering structure, we were able to dial volume up and down based on feedback from the Director of Admissions.

We implemented the new tiering structure on a short timeline. Twice-a-day meetings for one week allowed us to formalize the plan, and it took two weeks to roll out the infrastructure.

The Results

•    Conversion rate increased 60% in Q4 2014 after implementation in Q3
•    Planning team was better able to forecast and control volume

The Takeaways

•    Reevaluate your approach in the face of budget cuts
•    Look for alternative means to scale
•    Intelligently segment marketing activities for optimization and testing

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