Messaging Strategy Overhaul Increases Inquiries, Enrollments
The Story
It was time to rethink messaging as this partner was suffering declining enrollments throughout a two-year period. After we implemented a fresh strategy, this college saw a dramatic increase in inquiries and hit its first start goal in 18-plus months.
About the Partner
This full-service, integrated marketing partner is a large for-profit institution, specializing in health care, with 16 campuses in 12 markets across the U.S. It has been with Keypath Education for a year.
The Problem
The partner saw declining enrollments for 18-24 months, due to its position in the marketplace and poorly executed web marketing tactics.
The Strategy and Execution
Keypath Education created a new messaging strategy and an aggressive web-presence overhaul, redefining the college’s identity in the marketplace. We focused on improving the online brand interaction user experience by revisiting our strategy on the .edu, social media and digital media placement.
  • Interviewed and surveyed current students, graduates and staff
  • Performed a demographic analysis to create personas of target students
  • Identified brand values to carry through all content
  • Developed 150-plus new pages of content for the .edu to increase search engine rankings
  • Updated forms and other aspects of navigation to increase conversion
  • Created social media guidelines for all campuses along with Webex training
  • Aggressively added top-of-the-funnel keywords
  • Implemented continual on-page testing to increase traffic and inquiries
  • Placed new spots into areas with high levels of our target demographic (personas)
  • Continued to run best existing programmatic commercials to keep direct response stimulated
The Results
  • Over six months, Keypath Education improved the college’s position in the marketplace by rebuilding its messaging strategy
  • Increased Web inquiries by 20% in 60 days and 40% in 180 days
  • Met the school’s first start goal in 18-plus months
The Takeaways
  • A cohesive message across all media, offline and online, is imperative given the level of research students do today
  • Starting with understanding who you target is key to building the foundation of success
  • This is a more than six-month process, with building blocks along the way

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