Seamless Digital Transition to Keypath Education Produces Almost Immediate Lead Volume Increase
The Story
A national college was spreading its marketing services across multiple vendors until it decided to streamline its efforts and transition all digital work to Keypath Education. In doing so, it gained double-digit growth in lead volume and optimized its budget.
About the Partner
This for-profit institution is comprised of 14 campuses in five markets across the U.S. and has been a Keypath Education partner for almost two years.
The Problem
The college had marketing services spread across six different vendors with Keypath Education only overseeing traditional media and creative.
The Strategy and Execution
The college decided to transition more responsibilities over to Keypath Education. We took over digital efforts including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media and lead nurture marketing.
We worked closely with the college to educate staff on each channel, gain full understanding of the college's technological needs, as well as digital-specific goals and objectives. This led to a seamless transition with no lead flow loss or business disruption, optimizing campaigns for improved results and efficiency. We launched with a three-phase plan:
  • Launch campaigns as they were previously functioning
  • Make immediate changes to capture low-hanging fruit
  • Launch new strategy based on learnings from Phases 1 and 2
The Results
  • No lead flow or business disruption happened upon agency transition
  • YOY lead volume trending was up 20% after only five months of agency transition
  • The college is better able to make adjustments across marketing channels to optimize budget and increase overall lead flow and performance
The Takeaways
  • Open and frequent communication with your partner will yield the best results
  • Make sure your partner has the resources, knowledge and experience to bring together your digital efforts to increase leads and enrollments
  • Streamlining marketing efforts within one vendor allows for better ROI and budget optimization

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