Seelio by Keypath Captures Experiential Learning, Differentiates Programs
The Story
In the competitive higher education landscape, a large public university wanted to differentiate its programs by demonstrating how the learning experience connects and prepares students for meaningful work. By implementing Seelio by Keypath, our career preparation service and technology solution, this university’s students are able to show their learning outcomes to employers and land jobs and internships.
About the Partner
This public university with more than 20,000 students emphasizes experiential learning as a differentiator for its students. With many academic programs both on campus and online, the university implemented Seelio by Keypath campus-wide to help differentiate its students and programs.
The Problem
With a declining number of first-time-in-any-college students (FTIACS), the university was looking to convey the value of its degrees to a variety of audiences, from straight-out-of-high-school students to adult learners. The university turned to Keypath Education’s career preparation solution, Seelio, to address these challenges and accomplish the following:
  • Document the unique value of a degree from this university
  • Differentiate the university’s programs and students
  • Prepare students to succeed in interviews with a professional digital identity
The Strategy and Execution
Initially, separate implementation plans were identified with the dean of two colleges, targeting courses across the student experience including first-year courses, mid-stage professional courses and capstone presentation courses. Seelio staff provided training and consultation to faculty, staff and students in order to build community, document experiential learning, and showcase student and faculty projects with Seelio’s technology.
In subsequent semesters, students encountered Seelio in their introductory courses as well as additional courses across the student experience. Faculty and staff attended ongoing professional development and planning activities to enable them to use Seelio as a way to assess and evaluate student progress; showcase student successes; and provide private feedback to students as they constructed their professional, digital identities. Based on student engagement in these initial colleges, Seelio was expanded campus-wide and made available to all university students. 
The Results
  • More than 1,500 students are now building their professional identity on Seelio by documenting examples of experiential learning
  • Prospective students can browse more than 4,000 examples of learning at the university as they evaluate its programs
  • Content produced by these students has received more than 37,000 views
  • Students, like Caroline, have been able to use Seelio to land summer internships, jobs and graduate school admissions
The Takeaways
  • Demonstrating the value of a degree with real examples of student learning enables a university to differentiate its programs from competitors
  • Identifying touch points across the student experience helps students build a well-rounded digital identity that they can share in interviews and graduate school applications
  • Expanding campus-wide allows a university to gather data and insights, which can impact career preparation for its entire student body 

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