For more than 26 years, Keypath Education has partnered with higher education institutions worldwide to change lives through education. Our team has worked with a variety of institutions to grow in both scale and efficiency in order to better serve students and alumni. They work at Keypath Education because they share our belief in the power of education, and we welcome them because they bring knowledge, understanding, creativity and passion. Our leadership team provides a breadth of knowledge across U.K., U.S. and international markets with experience gained in a range of settings – from agency-side to HEIs and commercial education providers.

Steve Fireng
Patrick Donoghue
Rajay Naik
Mike McHugh
Nirmeen Hasan
Tracy Kreikemeier
Michael Purcell
Justin Gill
Tim Haak
Cindy Wheatley, PH.D.
Aaron Edwards
Lori Turec
Nancy Coleman, Ed.D.
Ryan O'Hare
Jai Shankar
Jon Gaunt
Rowan Freeman
Lisa Jane McDonald
Daniel Kalef
Marcus King
Scott Lomas
Moses Lee