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Daniel Kalef
Vice President of University Partnerships

Alma Mater:
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, Doctor of Law (JD)
Yeshiva University, Bachelor of Arts in Public Speaking and Political Science

Since graduating with a Juris Doctor from Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Daniel has held executive roles in marketing, business development and nonprofit organizations, focusing on revenue generation. As vice president of university partnerships, Daniel is responsible for creating partnerships between Keypath Education and colleges and universities with our Online Program Management (OPM) services. These relationships are true partnerships in that both Keypath and the school are making significant commitments to launch and/or grow online, hybrid and on-campus programs.

What do you bring to Keypath Education as Vice President of University Partnerships?  
I bring many years of experience working with colleges and universities across the country looking to grow their enrollments, offerings and reach by offering online degree programs. My experience and ability to create relationships with university leaders and help them reach their goals have always been my strengths. I feel I can truly make a difference for a school looking to enhance the experience of all students, whether online or on campus, and in turn, increase revenue. Simultaneously, Keypath expands its reach and creates new revenue streams to ensure another 25 years and beyond of growth and success.

How do you measure your success?
Success in my position can be measured in two ways. First and foremost, my success will be based on creating OPM partnerships with schools that are in a great position to take advantage of our services and grow exponentially. The second measure is seeing the success of these partnerships as they grow.  Seeing schools have new resources as a result of a successful partnership with Keypath is extremely rewarding.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned in business and your personal motto?
I spent five years working for Muhammad Ali some years back, and when asked what made him great, he responded with six core values — confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect and spirituality — which were the foundation of all he achieved. Since learning this, I have used these values as a roadmap to success and as a guide for how to treat others and conduct business. I suppose you can say this is a combination of a great lesson learned and a personal motto.

What excites you about higher education?
I believe higher education is the perfect combination of incredible business opportunities and doing something that can have an impact on many, many lives. I am excited every day working in this industry, knowing that there are so many ways to create smart, efficient and impactful business practices at schools. By being successful, you know thousands and thousands of students are being given amazing, convenient and affordable ways to get a degree and better themselves and their families. It really is an exciting industry in which to work.

What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without?
I have played tennis since joining my high school team a “few” years ago. Since then, I have seen it as not just a great sport, but as a great way of creating friendships, harnessing my competitiveness, and keeping fit and active. I am the captain of two USTA League teams and love the entire aspect of playing tennis and all that it brings.

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