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Jai Shankar
EVP of Technology
Alma Mater:
Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management, Master of Business Administration in Strategy and General Management, Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship
While listening to Jai speak about his life and role at Keypath Education, it doesn’t take long to realize that his talent for solving complex problems is the result of a well-traveled life and a strong intellect rooted in a positive imagination. He has a broad resume that stems from his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering that he earned in Chennai, India, and his MBA that he received from Northwestern University.
What do you bring to Keypath Education as Executive Vice President of Technology?
My role is to create superior business value for our higher education partners through technology that helps Keypath Education provide differentiated marketing and enrollment management services at scale.
How do you measure your success?
There are multiple dimensions to success: Developing employees to reach their true potential, achieving the goals of IT’s internal clients, achieving business outcomes for Keypath Education and exceeding the defined business outcomes of our client partners. I believe that leadership is about ensuring that these outcomes are aligned and mutually reinforcing.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learned in business?
Be in the moment for the experience, don’t stop learning and ensure that you apply what you learn. I believe that these apply to business and life as well.
What excites you about higher education? 
As someone who is part of a company that is solely focused on higher education, I am excited about the opportunity to play a small role in shaping the future of our country and the world through making a difference in someone’s life, just as education made a huge difference in my own life. I am also really excited about the ever-increasing role that technology is playing in fundamentally reshaping how education is delivered and consumed, thus expanding the reach of education and making it more accessible.
What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without?
I actually have two of them. Work and being with my family. When you love what you do and have fun doing it, you don’t need separate hobbies!
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