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Lisa Jane McDonald
Director of Marketing at Keypath Education Australia
Lisa Jane, who often goes by LJ, is Keypath Education Australia’s Director of Marketing. LJ has more than 10 years of experience in tertiary education across brand, international and digital marketing.
While at Monash University, ranked in the top 1% of world universities (Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2014-2015), Lisa Jane led the university’s brand repositioning project. She implemented innovative, digital campaigns that impacted directly on student acquisition and helped transform the university Web presence in the process.
LJ is always looking for new ways to find and converse with the most relevant and interested audiences for her partners.
What do you bring to Keypath Education as Director of Marketing?
I bring my passion for all things digital and the fast-evolving online education space. There are so many exciting opportunities and so many great people at Keypath Education to explore them with.
Having worked in senior marketing roles within Australian universities, I have a keen understanding of the internal pressures our partners face. 
What were your early wins at Keypath Education?
Getting our first university partner’s first campaign in market and generating quality leads just four weeks after the contract was signed. Our efforts contributed to the doubling of target enrolments for that first intake. Possibly more importantly, I established a trust-based relationship with the partner’s marketing department that continues to underpin a strong working relationship.
What excites you about higher education?
Education helps everyone. And the way online education is developing means everyone can participate. Everyone can benefit. I believe in the integrity of the Keypath Education partnership model. Our success as a company depends on retaining students in the model, so it means we don’t sell a course to someone who doesn’t have the best chance to graduate. 
If you found yourself stranded on a desert island, what book would you wish you had?
Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow. I figure I’d be doing a lot of thinking, so I’d better work out how to do it right.
And maybe Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. I could fashion a life raft out of it once I’ve finally finished it.
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