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Lori Turec
SVP of Marketing Services
Alma Mater:
University of Kansas, Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Advertising
Lori has helped clients exceed their marketing goals for more than 25 years. She joined Keypath Education in 2012 with expertise in market research, creative process, branding, direct response and client services. As SVP of Marketing Services, Lori oversees the strategic integrated marketing plans for our program management partner schools. Working closely with deans and program chairs, as well as Keypath Education's research team, Lori’s team achieves a deep understanding of each partner school’s brand, programs, competition and value proposition. Working with Keypath Education's world-class marketing experts, Lori’s team leverages customized creative and highly targeted media plans to reach and motivate prospective students who will not just enroll, but persist and graduate.
What do you bring to Keypath Education as Senior Vice President of Marketing Services? 
I provide the vision, leadership and strategic objectives for our partners, translating their goals and objectives into successful marketing strategies and campaigns. I believe obtaining the right data and making it personal and real to the students are the foundation of a powerful relationship with partners.
How do you measure your success?
Leveraging Keypath Education's process, I work with partners and our teams to help develop and execute full-funnel marketing strategies, including cross-channel attribution. Every channel has a purpose and is measured to that purpose. The tenure, satisfaction and growth of our partners comprise our yardstick for success.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learned in business? 
To get the best possible team on your side, keep them focused on the right things, and don’t give up until you reach the goal. I believe Winston Churchill said it best: “If you are going through hell, keep going.”
What excites you about higher education? 
What excites me most about education is the ripple effect it has on not just the student, but also everyone in the student’s life. My grandfather was a poor farm boy who fought in WWII, but his life changed when he graduated on the GI Bill and started his own company. That one event changed his life. By his life improving, the lives of my mother, my siblings and I, and now my own children were all changed for the better. Any doubt about the ROI of education is misplaced. Quality education pays you back for generations.
What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without? 
Gardening. It’s an activity where you see instant rewards for hard work and yet slowly create something of great beauty. It’s an opportunity to be peaceful and appreciate nature, and it’s an investment in the future.
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