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Rowan Freeman
Senior Instructional Designer
Alma Maters:
Deakin University, Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, English Language and Literature
Deakin University, Master of Arts in Literacy and Language Learning
You know Rowan’s made it, because he has a job title that doesn’t sound real. Instructional Design in an emerging field that’s a crossbreed of user-centric Web architecture and pedagogical design – two things he believes should never be considered as separate.
Rowan has a considerable breadth of local market experience. He was a Learning Designer with Swinburne Online, he’s worked as an eLearning Coach and school teacher for the Department of Education in Victoria, and he’s undertaken a Ph.D. in international education.
Contemporary Web design provides us with an amazing array of tools to drive pedagogy. Rowan is passionate about making the experience of online learning "disappear," so that the only challenge for the user is the learning task.
Rowan vehemently denies being a hipster; however, his thick black frame spectacles, the Hunter S. Thompson novel in his back pocket and his pompadour haircut tell us otherwise.
What excites you about higher education?
Working with academics who are as ideas-crazy as me is always exciting. It’s a fantastic space to work in, and there’s so much to learn.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learned in business?
Spend time with people long before you ask anything of them.
What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without?
Annoying the neighbours with early Sunday morning renditions of [insert any blues and or heavy metal song here] on my Fender Highway guitar.
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