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Ryan O'Hare
Managing Director at Keypath Education Australia
Alma Mater:
University of Ulster, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Business and French
Ryan is both a 10,000-foot thinker and a person who can get into the nitty gritty whenever necessary. For six months in 2014, Ryan was Keypath Education Australia. From a shared office space in South Yarra, he single-handedly (with some assistance from our U.S. and U.K. offices) pitched our unique fast-tracked, student-centric and innovative online learning and retention solutions, leveraging his strong local knowledge, to secure our first university partnership.
Fast-forward 12 months, and Keypath Education Australia has grown by almost 2,000%. With nearly 10 years of global higher education experience, Ryan uses his skills in understanding his clients’ vision, challenging convention and recognising emerging opportunities to change the way tertiary education is delivered in Australia.
What do you bring to Keypath Education Australia as the Managing Director?  
I bring strong local market knowledge, having partnered with several Australian universities for many years. I also bring enthusiasm, a smile and some dreadful jokes, but mostly an inherently positive outlook.
How do you measure your success?
I push myself and those around me to try and do what others cannot. In our work, it’s by helping students be successful, which is the ultimate assessment of whether or not we’re doing our job. In my personal life, it’s by not burning something in the kitchen  a daily ordeal.
What excites you about higher education? 
The great challenge for us all is to improve the student experience. That comes from an initial marketing campaign to enrolment, retention, graduation and right through to career preparation. That experience can and should be better. Receiving feedback from students of all ages who tell you that you’ve helped improve their life never gets tiring.
What’s your favourite sports team? 
Liverpool in football (I refuse to use the word "soccer") and Essendon in the AFL. That answer should tell you a lot about my powers of patience and perseverance.
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