Partner Network
Advanced Education and Training Solutions for Your Employees

Through the Keypath Education partner network, we assist organizations with their educational and training goals, thereby building upon existing employee benefit offerings, increasing employee satisfaction and improving upon overall business outcomes. By joining these networks, your employees will have premier access to a suite of select programs from our accredited partner institutions.

We manage the relationship between the university and the employer, allowing the university to focus on education delivery. Our experienced corporate admissions team will guide your employees through the enrollment process and provide support along the way.

Corporate Partners

Empower your employees with concierge continuing education support. 

Our Corporate Partner Network connects various organizations with top academic programs and certifications, while our Healthcare Partner Network focuses specifically on healthcare systems, individual hospitals and medical businesses.

Healthcare Partners

Match healthcare professionals with GHE’s premier advanced learning programs.

Healthcare professionals have unique educational needs. These needs continue to evolve alongside shifts in patient care and a continued push toward technological integration. Through GlobalHealth by Keypath Education, health systems and healthcare corporations can provide much-needed support to their employees to achieve improved patient outcomes.