Helping Students Understand Their Motivations

Our recruitment advisors engage with students from their initial enquiry, building a personal relationship that lasts through the enquiry and application process until they enrol. Understanding their motivations and addressing their concerns individually helps to ensure that students are perfectly matched to their chosen programme, and provides your institution with highly engaged, qualified and success-focused students.

Supporting Students Through Their Learning Experience

As students progress through their learning journey, their challenges and successes will be shared by their personal Success Advisor. Our team helps to guide students through their programme, proactively communicating with them and providing a first point of contact for all of their questions – academic or pastoral. Early identification of risk indicators helps to address concerns and improve retention, maintaining a focus on graduation to ensure successful outcomes.

Enhance Career Preparedness With a Strong Digital Identity

As most graduates know, a CV with the right degree no longer guarantees employment. A degree also fails to tell employers who your students are and what experience they have. Seelio is our proprietary portfolio technology for the entire student journey that creates natural touch points between your students and prospective employers.

As a service built on technology, we help you embed Seelio into the learning objectives.

A Seelio portfolio becomes the living record of the presentations, reports, video, audio, interactive pages and other rich content students are creating as part of their coursework. Add to this portfolio the variety of experiences that complement formal education – professional accomplishments, internships, studies abroad and volunteering – and the end result is a digital identity demonstrating experience, skills and personality graduates can share with employers.

Increase Retention Through Relationships

Students engaged with their programme, their work and fellow students are more likely to persist and succeed. Seelio connects students with similar passions and allows them to collaborate on multifaceted projects, proving your students are learning the skills employers demand from graduates.

Perform Honest Assessment on a Body of Work

Leaders have something tangible to base their decisions on when students use a portfolio network like Seelio throughout their academic career. This firsthand evidence reveals which students have learned the material and to what extent. Analysed as a whole, leaders can identify curriculum opportunities, as well as specialisation opportunities with the help of employers.

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